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Wet Towel Dispenser/Enjoy Business Type/Silver

Series: Enjoy Business
Code: HY-WT08
Color: Silver
Spec/MM: 430*210*310
Weight/KG: 7.5

Wet towel dispenser is a small household wipes device, also called small wet wipes making machine, household wipes machine, hot wet towels machine, is a home health care smart appliances of manufacturing disposable clean soft towel, is also high-tech green environmental protection and new disinfection soft towel equipment of integrating light and electric.

Wet Wipes Making Machine/Enjoy Business Style/HY-WT08

Taste business, It's the darling of the business elite.

The wet wipes machine is new upgrade product, circuit and control system adopt computer chips, display uses LCD screen, use the touch button to operate, alarm prompt obvious and easy to understand, length and humidity display is intuitive.

It is widely used in enterprises and institutions, infant and infant industry, medical services, shopping mall, wedding photography, tourism, catering, entertainment, exhibition, gift shop, etc.


Function and Features:

1.Make the towel smooth and nice.

2.Cold and hot is easy to switch, easy to use.

3.Set your own dry and wet levels.

4.The water shortage is automatically alarm prompt.

5.Internal water tank, automatic cleaning.

6. Intelligent machine core of the advanced version, can cut many kinds of towel.

7.Disposable use, clean and clean.

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