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Robot Vacuum Cleaner/Mentally Enjoy Style/330B

Series: Intelligent & Enjoying Type
Code: HY-RC330B
Color: Peak Green
Spec/MM: 320*87
Weight/KG: 3.2

Robot Vacuum Cleaner/Intelligent & Enjoying Type/HY-RC330B

Free your hands and enjoy life.

Though 20 years research and develop, we have created this robot vacuum cleaner, which is a kind of AI cleaning equipment. This equipment use microcomputer intelligent control, adopt rechargeable batteries and disconnect-type washing dust collection box system which can automatic clean, vacuum and mop waste, such as paper scraps, hair, dust mites, fine dust and dirt particles. In addition it can  timing so that you would remote control. We think by owing this Robot product can make quite easy to enjoy your life.

Functions and Features:

1. Automatic cleaning, vacuuming, mopping and sterilization make cleaning more faster and efficient.

2. Anti-collision system: Inductive distance design would automatically sense to objects away from 2.5cm and make cleaner slow down and start anti-collision system.

3. Space isolator: virtual wall system which can block the cleaner from entering off-limit areas.

4. Stair avoidance detector: Infrared fall-arrest system to automatically sense to height when across the stairs and turn round to avoid damage.

5. Clean on time to make your life more easy by one timing

6. Gentle touch to weak the noise.

7. Spiral and soft grinding design for brush  to protect furniture and wall surfaces.

8. Use soft PA6 as the material so that would low the friction noise.

9. Wireless remote controller: ISM band, BT2.4Ghz.

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